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Tam Velo Club Saturday - "The Weekend Long Hauler"
Date and time
Sat, Jan 2, 2021, 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Equator Coffees & Teas
244 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, CA
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Meet at 8:30am at the Equator Coffees Prooflab, moderate pace and longer distance (50-70 miles) and anyone planning a shorter ride can plan a modified rout Group ride requirements: Split up the riders that show up into groups of 3-4 people Stagger each group five minutes apart Predetermine the ride route and where we can regroup At the start, finish and predetermined mid-point we will stay socially spaced and be mindful of others Ride socially distanced, and all riders will be required to wear a mask or gaiter when stopped or passing a pedestrian Weather: Rides on pavement may be canceled if rain seems likely during the ride. If in doubt, email us at Equipment: Please make sure your bike is functioning, bring your own basic tools, water bottles, food, etc. Helmets and working brakes are required for all rides. Endurance/Pace: We encourage the group that shows up for each ride to calibrate the route and pace to everyone in attendance.
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