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Let's Ride! Nevada City Flow.... HOOT! HOOT!
Date and time
Sat, Apr 3, 2021, 9:00 AM ā€“ 12:30 PM
Harmony Ridge Market
18848 State Hwy 20, Nevada City, CA
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LET'S RIDE! Nevada City Flow with Pioneer Half Pipe, Hoot, Zipper, Dascombe Loop, another pass down Hoot, then drop down to Scotts Flat and then make our way back up. ā€¢ RIDER LEVEL: Strong Intermediate+ due to faster pace and distance. Please be sure you meet the rider level criteria before you RSVP. If anyone wants to step up and lead a more casual paced ride with fewer miles, you are highly encouraged to let others know in the comments you are willing to lead. The more options for other skil
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