Fort-Ord - Watkins Gate ~ 20 Miles / C-pace / 1700ft elev
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Sun, Feb 7, 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
296 Days Ago
Watkins Gatey GPS Friendly
15515 Watkins Gate Rd, East Garrison, CA
Information and tickets
Watkins Gate Entrance, Tires roll at 8:30 AM Parking - Only park along the street on Watkins Gate Road, do not park in the neighboorhood around the houses (it's private parking in there). Plan your route - mapping apps are notorious for getting this location wrong. When in doubt, choose a house in the neighborhood and NOT an address on Watkins Gate Road to avoid GPS routing you into the abyss of Fort Ord. :D COVID restrictions apply. We'll start at the Watkins Gate side of the Fort Ord Natio
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