Fort Ord ~ ~15ml/easy pace/~1700ff elev
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Sat, Jan 30, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
268 Days Ago
Santa Clara
Santa Clara, CA
Information and tickets
FACE COVERINGS REQUIRED!!! Meet in the Creekside Terrace Parking Lot. Lets Ride, Fort Ord flow trails 15ml/easy pace 1500 elevation gain. Tires roll at 8:45am or sooner if all "Yes" RSVPs have arrived. This is a dual MeetUp ride with WCMB If you're not sure where you are going or think you will be late, please leave earlier. It is not fair to have everyone else wait while you get ready to ride. There are restrooms at this park entrance. Eye protection is required for all rides. The ride i
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