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Welcome! We're a passionate bunch of cyclists with a desire to create something bigger than ourselves - an online community of bike riders!

BikeRider is a mobile app where you can find cycling events and connect with aspiring and experienced bike riders.

Our goal is to connect people and communities through the love and active lifestyle of riding bikes. We believe biking is good for the soul and the world.

Illustration of Mikael Lirbank, co-founder of BikeRider

Illustration of Mikael Lirbank, co-founder of BikeRider

Mikael Lirbank, founder

I've always ridden bikes as a commuter, but when I tried mountain biking in 2018, it blew my mind! The more I ride, the more I want to ride, and the novelty never seems to wear off. I just want to ride all the time. Since then, I've also taken up road biking, which I enjoy a lot too. I love cycling, and I love building apps, so I am stoked to work on BikeRider with Cilla. I'm really excited to make it the go-to place for bike riders to find cycling activities and connect with people in the cycling community.

Illustration of Mikael Lirbank, co-founder of BikeRider

Cilla Jelf, co-founder

I grew up in Sweden, and over there, everybody rides bikes all the time. Including me. I now live in Northern California, and I love to explore the mountains and the beautiful roads here by bike. At BikeRider, I write code and organize dreams into goals, into get-stuff-done. It is fantastic to be a part of the BikeRider journey and connecting riders from all disciplines to their next big or small adventure ahead. When I am away from my keyboard, I bike, run, and ski. Often together with my wonderful family.

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